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Is Alexa Really A Good Stylist?

Diane Pollack

Perhaps you might have seen the below article in The Post a few weeks ago. If not, you are certainly aware of all of the Apps, platforms etc. that dish out style advice these days.

So if you read this article or heard about the apps, you might wonder, "is style advise as easy as asking an App"? 

Well, I can tell you, since this is what I do, that Alexa has a lot more to learn about fashion and style. Further, her rating outfits by number, gives very little insight into specifics of why she choose it, or advice to take to utilize toward other improved outfits.

If you look at Alexa's comment in the blue circle, she chooses the pants outfit because "colors look better together". Quite vague, merely an opinion and by the way, she is quoted as using the same exact qualifier for another outfit later on in the article.

Now if you asked me, I would also tell you

1) Why she looks so much slimmer in the pants outfit (and no, it is not a pant vs. skirt thing)
2) How you can take this slimming advice and utilize it for other outfits.
3) How to improve the outfit even more

                                           New York Post

                                         New York Post

So why is the pant outfit so much more flattering?

Three reasons.

1) The open jacket breaks up her body. A large expanse of fabric can make an area look large. Anything that breaks it up (color, fabrics, seams, accessories) will help the areas look smaller. Further, this is a vertical break which helps to elongate. The same effect can be achieved with an open cardigan.

2) Look at where her waist is across both pictures. Due to her proportions, she looks better bringing the top and bottom break lower by wearing an untucked piece. This can also be achieved by wearing, lower-rise pants or a belted dress or top on the hips. This works for her and her proportions. You have different proportions and how to wear things would be assessed by your proportions, curves etc.

3) The skirt outfit, although far from voluminous, has two fuller pieces. The skirt would look better with a more body-conscious top, like a knit.

Now let's talk about accessories.

Both outfits could use some help in this area. The huggable earrings feel a little serious and don't do much for either outfit.

The bright top on the skirt outfit is a really pretty color. But the neckline does nothing and all that plain fabric and no design detail really call for a great scarf or necklace. I would recommend a necklace with colored stones. Bonus - if she were to find a necklace or scarf that tied the colors of the top and bottom together, I wonder if Alexa would still say that the colors in the outfit don't look great together.

The earring for the pant outfit seems a little serious and more business-like. I would opt for a short necklace or a more casual dangling earring, probably a solid metal to go with the hardware on the jacket. 

So take that Alexa!

Next time you are looking for style advice. I believe you will get a lot more bang for your buck with a real live person.