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127-139 E 59th St
New York, NY, 10022
United States

(646) 831-2584

A Wardrobe Consulting, Styling and Personal Shopping service catering to women in  the New York City area. We are the fashion solution, to save you time and empower you to feel confident in your style. We specialize in petites.


Happy clients tell all.




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Thank you for helping me with the closet! I had so many ‘new’ cute outfits in Mexico. Your style is so right on and you organized everything so nicely!

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Diane takes a very thorough  approach to  creating a style that works for each client. She is super helpful in helping coordinate potential outfits and ensembles -- and in advising on specific pieces to include (and to discard) in your wardrobe. She's a master at  "editing". The key is to be comfortable integrating her suggestions and to feel confident

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I hired Diane for a closet rejuvenation to go over my winter clothes that I started to get bored with. Diane did an amazing job finding new combinations on how to wear everything. She figured out quickly what style I like to wear and she pulled out jewelry that I haven't worn in years and made a whole new outfit with them. We made a list of some basics that I should get as well as took pictures and notes for every new outfit. Time flew and within one afternoon I felt I had a new wardrobe!  I can't recommend her services more highly!

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I had an important speaking engagement and a limited amount of time to select an outfit.  I contacted Diane, and she immediately provided expert advice and guidance. She was extremely responsive, professional and helpful. She empowered me to look my best.  I am extremely grateful that I contacted and Diane and look forward to working with her in the future.




I found Stylempower through an auction where I purchased a few hours to work with Diane, and I am so glad I did! It was such a successful day, Diane truly helped me tremendously. After my mom passed away I needed to get rid of some sentimental items that were cluttering up my closet. With Diane’s help, I realized that I was holding on to many items for the wrong reasons, and together, we weeded through my closet and found which were worth keeping and which were best to consign. It was an extremely cleansing experience, and I am so grateful to her for her help and expertise. She was a pleasure to work with; kind and professional, and her advice was all spot on!! A huge thank you to Diane for an experience that what was certainly a much needed and extremely helpful! I am forever grateful! 

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I have had a stylist over before and all she wanted to do was have me buy expensive pieces through her, and told that it was frowned upon to return anything.  She was suppose to come twice and after hearing about how she operated, I never had her back.  Fast forward to yesterday when Diane came over, sat me down, asked me a few questions about me and my lifestyle and off we went.  A few  hours later she had organized my closet, identified things that should be retired, created new outfit combinations and put a list together for me of a few things that I might want to purchase in the future.  I have never enjoyed shopping, accessorizing or anything like that, but I loved going into my closet this morning to get dressed.  Like a breathe of fresh air. Thank you Diane!



I hired Diane after several years of allowing my closet to get cluttered and outdated.  The idea of sorting through the clothes and organizing them on top of shopping for new items just became overwhelming.  Diane was extremely efficient and easy to work with.  She was able to quickly sort through the clothes I had, tell me what worked for my body and identify ways to accessorize or put outfits together that I hadn’t thought of before.  From there, we were able to clearly identify the holes in my wardrobe for a shopping day.  On our shopping day, I enjoyed that we were able to shop anywhere we decided worked for us rather than being tied to certain stores.  I also appreciated her patience and easy going approach to the day.  Overall, the experience was fun, efficient, satisfying and rewarding.  I feel at ease and inspired when I open my closet now.  I’ve come a long way from the overwhelm thanks to Diane.  Definitely money well spent!

Vanessa  Aaronson


Diane helped me put together outfits for an upcoming photo-shoot for my campaign for New York City Council. She quickly tapped into my sense of style and put together pieces from my closet that I would have never tried together. I still look like myself, only better! She even helped me style the outfits with jewelry and accessories. I'm so relieved to know I will look and feel great on the day of my shoot and can't wait to ask Diane back to help me sort through my  whole closet.



I am a professional speaker and looking good in front of the room is very important to my brand and my business.  However, I am not an eager shopper and I prefer comfort over style on most days.  Diane styled me for an important event by combining clothes and accessories that I already had in my closet that I would never have put together myself.  I felt beautiful, stylish, and confident in front of     my guests all day.

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I really enjoyed my time with Diane.  We went through my entire wardrobe and I was amazed by all the new outfits and combinations she was able to make with what was already in my closet.  I thought I would need to buy all sorts of new items and start all over, but Diane showed me how to make better use of the pieces I already own, and suggested just a few new staples to complete my collection.  Now I have a much better understanding of how to put together outfits, and how to better wear the clothing I already own and love.  She followed up with thoughts on outfits and pieces to add, and has been super helpful and supportive in making sure that I really got the most of our time together.  Diane provided great resources for great new pieces for my style and budget, and helped me be strategic about picking out new pieces in the future to compliment my body and existing wardrobe.  I highly recommend Diane to anyone who's looking to rejuvenate their wardrobe feel great about what they wear.


Diane makes fashion fun and easy! I had so many great pieces buried in the disorganization of my closet. With Diane's help, I not only rediscovered the great clothes I had, I also got clear on what I needed to pull together more outfits from my collection. She gave great advice on clothes that were not flattering or out of fashion and not coming back! I have been raving about Diane's services to all my friends. Check her won't regret it!



For years I knew I needed help with my wardrobe. I wasn’t putting much thought into what clothes I purchased and had no idea how to put fashionable outfits together. Diane to the rescue! She came to my home and took what I thought was a hopeless closet of mostly non-exciting pieces and created outfits that I never knew I had. She showed me how to organize my closet, recommended pieces I could add to my wardrobe prioritizing based on my most essential needs, and followed up with me frequently after our in-person visit to answer my questions and recommend additional items. Diane is fantastic and I highly recommend her. She is knowledgeable, creative, thoughtful, caring, and professional and I enjoyed working with her on my Spring wardrobe. I look forward to having her visit again to tackle my Fall wardrobe. Thank you Diane!



Diane is a genius at quickly assessing my closet and putting together outfits I never would've dreamed looked great together. She selected separates, outerwear, jewelry, shoes and bags; it was the total package.  She also took pictures of me wearing all the outfits so I could remember what to pack when I left at the end of the week. After we finished putting together outfits for the reunion, she went through my closet and suggested what was outdated and what I should keep.  She also educated me as far as what items look good on me and were flattering and what colors went with other colors to create interesting outfits. She also suggested some items I might need to purchase to fill in some gaps in my wardrobe. She is very responsive to text and emails and I even texted her from St. Louis when I had a question about what necklace to wear with an outfit. Diane is available after the session if you have questions about your wardrobe or where to buy certain things, and will send you photos of items she sees in stores to help in your shopping. I wholeheartedly suggest this experience as it was so educational and fun!!


Diane is a fabulous and brilliant wardrobe stylist who provides insightful and practical advice around shopping, and has endless creativity in designing outfits and styles with what people already have in their closet. 



Diane was so helpful - she put a new spin on my old clothes, mixing and matching colors and styles I would have never thought about.  I was definitely stuck wearing the same combinations over and over. Diane showed me which styles were too outdated to hold onto, allowing me to purge without feeling guilty. She has such a great enthusiasm about fashion that makes you feel excited about what you already own, even if it is not her own personal style. She is objective and politely critical and is not pushy with her suggestions and recommendations. It was definitely time well spent!

Michelle Blatteis


I needed help!  I'm a busy stay-at-home-mom and I'm not even sure what my style is.  I have pieces that represent every style out there and I just wasn't sure what to wear with what. Diane has a great eye, and was able to put together many outfits out of my eclectic mix of clothing. She also gave me tips about color and accessories.  I had a great time shopping in my own closet, and took lots of pictures to make sure I could be ready to go (and look great) at the drop of a hat.  Diane essentially doubled the usability of my clothes!  I have a renewed confidence in my look and am excited to wear all my "new" outfits!  I highly recommend Stylempower's services!  Give yourself or someone you love the gift of confidence. Thank you Diane and Stylempower!!!


Diane has a sense of aesthetic unparalleled to anyone else I have met. Not only can she pull off great outfits few other people could, but she somehow is able to pass that aesthetic off onto other people and make them look great. Diane looked through my closet and was able within MINUTES to confirm my style. She kept my style in mind as she mixed and matched outfits from my closet. Things I never would have imagined to pair together, she did and they looked great. I have since worn those combinations, and have felt more refined and put together. I get more compliments than ever now. When I wake up, I look at my clothes in a different light, and feel more...shall I say it? take more risks in paired color choices, and pattern combinations in conjunction with my jewelry. I feel cuter when I want to feel cute, sexier when I want to feel sexy, or classier when I want to feel classy. No longer do I have the urge to do the usual Fall Closet Purge to go and buy a whole new wardrobe. Thanks Diane, for teaching me, and making me save money and feel more confident when I walk out the door.


Diane Pollack is simply excellent at what she does. I hired Diane initially to help me update my look a little bit. I had fallen into a complete wardrobe rut. To make matters worse, I'm the kind of person who is clueless about shopping and finds the whole process torturous. I needed help. We decided to start with some tall boots, I could wear with skirts or leggings to switch things up a bit. Diane very quickly helped me hone in on what style of boot I would need. Diane found me several candidates immediately, and now I can proudly say I have many alternatives to jeans and a t-shirt. I will be working with Diane again very soon, having her go through my closet to update my look with the clothes I already have, as well as helping me to shop without having a breakdown. I'm looking forward to it.


Stylempower reminded me that style is possible regardless of your schedule. I'm happy with my purchases and am glad that their team saved me both time and money with their efficient, yet luxurious personal shopping process. Diane asked the right questions to ensure that my experience was optimal. I appreciated her patience with every try-on and return session. Thank you Stylempower for transforming my wardrobe. 


I was so delighted with Diane's help. She is a very knowledgeable and professional woman, and from the start I was confident that I was in good hands. Diane's suggestions were very practical and inexpensive, and I intend to implement almost all of them. I am going to recommend her highly to my friends.


After working with Diane, I definitely see my wardrobe with fresh eyes;  most importantly, Diane’s eye for fit has really educated me.  So it’s not only about exploring style and finding new ways to mix wardrobe items, but also about how to shop for things that really fit and flatter you.


I received the fun and informative newsletter from Stylempower last week. Read through it and saw a picture of this pair of shoes that , you know, I HAD to have. I went to the retailer's website and my heart was broken - sold out!! I told Diane of my dismay. She was AMAZING. Instantly, Diane found and emailed me photos of  similar styles of shoes from a variety of manufacturers. Not only that, when I ordered one of the replacements (which I actually thought nicer than the original pair I wanted), she helped me decide if they were indeed a necessary component to my wardrobe by sending me a few questions to ask myself. I have nothing but praise for Diane's (fashion) sense and sensibility!



Diane Pollack is the perfect personal stylist for people with sophisticated taste, yet willing to work within your budget.  She takes the time to assess who you are, what look you are trying to accomplish, what you already own, what items you may need to purchase, and where you can find them within your price range, in order to help you to create a style that will speak for you when you step into a room. She’s the meaning of affordable, sophisticated chic.  I’d recommend her to anyone looking to update their wardrobe or merely looking for someone to help pick out the perfect outfit for that special occasion.  No need to stress about having to spend an entire paycheck.  Her prices are reasonable for everyone.  No need to wait to show the world who you really are, book her immediately.

Diane was a breath of fresh air to my closet! Her keen eye quickly made great new outfits out of clothes I had had for years, and her discerning style also advised me what to purchase to stretch my wardrobe even more. It was a great session, and I am already thinking about how to work with her in the future. I would highly recommend spending an afternoon with Diane and your old closet soon!




Thank you so much for giving me the courage to rid myself and my closet of bags and bags of unnecessary clothing ...that I managed to accumulate over many years. I can't say exactly why I personally needed that extra push, that you so gently gave me...but I did.
I now have clean and basically empty drawers and lots and lots of hanging space. I feel so good when I open my walk-in closet door, I can see and find exactly what I want to wear for the day. Once again thank you so much. I will happily be recommending your service to all my friends!!!


Diane is amazing! I love my clothes and accessories but hadn't seen how they could better coordinate until I spent an afternoon with Diane. Now I love everything even more.