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What is the Only Age Where a Woman Should Change Her Style?

Diane Pollack

Recently I had a landmark birthday. FIFTY!

Will I change anything about how I dress now that I must check off the next box down? Absolutely NOT!

I recall that Michelle Obama cut bangs when she turned fifty. Great! This was done as a new entree into an era. She actually choose a style that is more often seen on younger women. So absolutely, welcome an age with a change, if you like.

But, if you are thinking "should I  cut my hair to be more age appropriate"?  My answer is "no". This is where women may actually inadvertently age their look.

There is only one age where I think a woman should change her style.

Actually, this statement is misleading. It is not a number that you reach, but an age range where most women are probably going through a metamorphosis.

               Be a Fashionista at any age, if you choose.

               Be a Fashionista at any age, if you choose.

The age range I am referring to is early to mid-twenties. This is where a young woman really becomes a woman. She will start to shed her school attire and may have to wear more professional clothing. 

This is the only age where she may potentially be able to get by with some "borderline" clothing that may not seem appropriate for a woman older than she is. 

1) Because she is just making that transition and may not know better yet

2) Her less senior level job may not call for her to look like a boss yet.

3) She may not have the income to purchase some of the items her more senior co-workers have                                                                                                                                        

BTW - even if you work from home, it is still recommended to up-level your wardrobe to make some changes here, but they may not be as drastic or as important.

So that is it. That is where I draw the fuzzy grey line in regard to age. After that, if you are 30, 40, 50, 60 etc, I do not believe a woman should change her style solely to be age appropriate.

But of course, that is only the start of the conversation. There are other factors that go into a woman's choice of clothing and her age. Oh, there is so much more to tell you in regards to this. I think I will leave you waiting to hear more on this topic, So let's continue this conversation another time....

I just hope I leave you thinking, the next time you hit that landmark birthday, please don't do anything "age appropriate" .