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Does White Go With Everything?

Diane Pollack

Last year I wrote a very popular blog called "Does Black Go With Everything" The short answer was that although it would never be considered a fashion faux pas, there are many times I see women pairing black back to items and it is not the most styled or fabulous pairing.

Often it is because there is no black in the print they are wearing it with or pairing back to pastels, black can feel heavy. Even a print with a fine black outline can look heavy when paired back to black.

Now that summer is finally here,  let's get back to white. 

Does white go with everything?

Here, in most cases, I would say "yes"!

Well, let me clarify, I do not like white paired back to heavy wintery items. Talk about looking too heavy. No, what I am saying yes to here is based on other summer items.


Pucci-like skirt.JPG

For instance, I have this fun colorful skirt pictured above. What would you wear with it? You don't want to wear any of these bright colors back to it. First, they would be very difficult to match. Even if you could, it would look too matchy-matchy. Black with it, to my point, is too heavy looking.  Here is where a nice white top is a great neutral. 

Funny right? You would think the same guidelines would go for black as they do for white. I can't tell you why it is, but I can recommend that if you follow these guidelines, you may have better outfit combinations.

So as you continue to look through your summer wardrobe at items that you are not sure what to wear them back to, see if white might be a better option than black.

This brings me to another question that you also might be asking. 

Do jeans or denim go with everything? 

The answer here is pretty similar to my "yes" to white. I say yes to denim as a neutral. And no, you do not need any blue in the item to make it work.

Here are some additional guidelines when pairing pieces back with jeans/denim.

Dark denim is usually dressier. The lighter the wash, the more casual it generally is.

However, I do break out my most faded washes in the summer. They look great with pastels. Dark washes look great with brights.

I hope these tidbits were helpful for your summer styling. If you are still confused and overwhelmed, please feel free to reach out so I can help you with your specific items and needs.