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A Wardrobe Consulting, Styling and Personal Shopping service catering to women in  the New York City area. We are the fashion solution, to save you time and empower you to feel confident in your style. We specialize in petites.


Your Best Look

Diane Pollack

Last month, I gave you some tips on how to style a difficult item in 5 easy steps. I gave you ladies the opportunity to send in pictures and be featured in an upcoming insider news.

Well, my client, Stephanie Heintzler (The NY Doula)  needed some style advise. She was attending the Quadrilleball, an annual charity event at the Pierre. 

"I’ll be attending a charity ball this Saturday and would love some ideas on how I can wear this gown?"


"I’ll wear my hair down and will have professional makeup but wonder what kind of earrings/jewelry would be good with this?"



Very pretty gown!

You hit the nail on the head by mentioning earrings. The dress already has so many details on the neckline that you don’t want to compete with a necklace. 

For earrings, dangly is best and there are all types of dangly earrings. Pick your metal color gold or silver and since it is dressy you might want a little bling.

You can go rhinestone crystal color and go with silver accents or the stones could have a pop of color in them.

A third option could be black, See example below of tassel earrings. (I sent her an example of a  board I styled below)

Another piece of jewelry you could have is a bracelet since your wrists are bare or a large cocktail ring. Choose the earrings first and then have your bracelet and or ring complement it by being the same metal and or stone color. No matchy sets, just keep with a similar feel. If you opt for a bracelet and a large ring, wear on opposite hands.

Shoes seem least important since the gown is so long and they are mostly covered. Probably black is easy and obvious and if you are investing in black shoes they can probably be worn with other items. You could go with metallic, but I think black is the best choice for versatility and to keep the focus up top.  Style-wise, there may be many options out there that are good. I think a pump front and a sandal strap back would be nice.

For your bag, a small clutch or purse. You could go basic with black. It could also have your metal color or a stone accent. The whole bag could be your chosen metal color. You could also go with an accent, say a satin red, hot pink or any color clutch. 

An example of how I styled a black dress.     

An example of how I styled a black dress.  


Here the inspiration was the bag and I took the green, the gold and the black from that. For accent colors like the green, you don’t want everything to be green, just a piece or two to pick up the theme.

Here is Stephanie looking stunning at her event!

Here is Stephanie looking stunning at her event!

Do you have an event that you want to feel fabulous at?

My clients get this service included with their packages. If you are not currently a client, have a big event coming up or just want to dip your toe into some style help, then contact me to find out about Your Best Look Express service.

Here is what Marci said about it  "I would really like to pay you more. You helped me so much and saved me a lot of time."  

So contact me today to get YOUR best look Now!