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FUR- Real

Diane Pollack

Back in the day, a fur coat was a woman’s fashion staple - both luxurious and warm. But many years ago, we were made aware of how many animals it took to face a cruel death in order for people to stroll around in these fancy coats.

Remember when PETA started throwing red paint on them?

We are now even more aware, and many people consciously choose not to wear fur for these reasons.

Very recently, many of the top luxury brands (Gucci, Burberry, Channel, Versace, Chole and many more) have made a commitment to go fur-free.

Even cities are taking a stand; Los Angeles is now the largest city taking steps to ban fur.

Fortunately, we now have technology to create beautiful looking faux furs. Some are hard to distinguish the fake from the real and it has become perfectly acceptable and even trendy to wear fun faux furs of varies colors and patterns.

As you can imagine, this is bad news for the fur industry and their livelihood. They have created an entire marketing campaign that suggests that real fur is better than fake fur.

Wait What?

Read on to hear their surprising twist on the controversy.

The Real Fur campaign as seen in Women’s Wear Daily

The Real Fur campaign as seen in Women’s Wear Daily

Fur advocates say that in this fast fashion world, inexpensive faux fur is used for trendy items and quickly disposed of when that trend is over..

What happens then?

The faux fur is not Eco-friendly, it is made of plastic materials that clogs up land-fills.

Fur proponents state that fur items can be cherished family heirlooms, passed on from generations (sometime re-worked and updated).

When real fur is disposed of, it is totally bio-degradable. One real fur advocate, had this to say in Women’s Wear Daily: Fur is the “ultimate free-range, organic and locally sourced clothing material,”

Real fur advocates have launched multiple campaigns, including the ones pictured. Their hashtags: #GETREAL #SHOPNATURAL

Furthermore government regulations are getting stricter to monitor and oversee the supply chain of fur for transparency. New regulations are being enforced regarding the treatment and slaughter of fur providing animals.

Personally, I think they just need to work on bio-degradable faux fur which would then make the fur industry’s point mute.

So I am curious to hear from you.

What do you think? What would you choose?

Is existing fur (from a thrift shop or hand-me-down) acceptable, but new fur purchase not?

What about shearing? What about leather?

The campaign for real fur as seen in Women’s Wear Daily

The campaign for real fur as seen in Women’s Wear Daily