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A Wardrobe Consulting, Styling and Personal Shopping service catering to women in  the New York City area. We are the fashion solution, to save you time and empower you to feel confident in your style. We specialize in petites.


The Inside Scoop - When You Can Find The Best Deals

Diane Pollack

Well, it used to be that you would wait for the sales on Black Friday, Memorial day etc. to nab the best deals. The truth is, now many of the big department stores and chain stores are having constant promotions.

But you can still find out the best months to get that great deal on certain categories and even the best days.

So lucky for you, below I have outlined some inside scoop so that you can assure yourself that you got the best deal.


Coats, suits, cocktail dresses, bags and lingerie are ready for markdowns. Just in time...Swimwear, which has been out in the stores, probably before you could think about it, is now on sale. And yes, of course, Memorial day sales will be taking place, so you might want to hold out a little.


Lucky for you, if you didn't get your spring wardrobe set yet, it is now on sale for wear-now. Blazers and shorts are key items to purchase at a discount this month.


Jeans are a hot ticket in July. Now the spring items that didn't sell on sale are at deep discounts. Some stores do not even get a new collection for July delivery as it is clearance time. Again, major deals for July 4th.


Fall pieces are arriving in stores. This is the time you can get the greatest deals on clearance if you have the patience to go through the picked through items and the fortune to find your size.

        Image courtesy of by aechan

        Image courtesy of by aechan

Now why, I don't know, but apparently, there is a secret system to getting bargains online.

Here is your list.

MONDAYS  - Sunglasses

TUESDAYS  -  Menswear



FRIDAY - Jewelry

SATURDAY - Lingerie

SUNDAY - Swimsuits

Happy shopping!

And remember, it's not too late to up the ante on your Spring look.