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6 plus Stylist Tips for this falls trends

Diane Pollack

Last time, I presented you with the some of the top trends for fall. It is up to you to decide which ones will work for you and which ones you will take a pass on.

Maybe you like the trend but are not quite sure how to wear it or what to wear it with.

Or maybe you don’t like the trend. I am sure there are many of them that you might have said “I am too old or it is too bold”, “been there, done that” or simply “no thanks”.

And that is all fine.

However, I wanted to give you some more tips, information and suggestions for a few of them and then you might say “Oh, I never thought to wear it like that” or “that seems doable”. You may still say “no thanks” and that is okay too :)


Western details are great, you may want to invest in some cowboy boots that you can wear with jeans and can also be worn back to your new prairie skirt or dress.

Although one of my main style tips is to dress and accessorize with the theme in mind, in this case western, here is what I CAUTION you about.

Image from InStyle Magazine

Image from InStyle Magazine

Stylist Tip #1 -Going overboard on a theme. Too many western details can end up looking costume-y. But hey, you can wear it at the end of the month - LOL


Stylist Tip #2 - Animal prints never really go out of style. Some years they are just more in then others and this year that is the case. So don’t give away animal printed items unless the styling is dated or they are in crappy shape.

Stylist Tip #3 -A leopard print always looks nice with a pop of bright color especially red or orange. So if the print is on your bag, try the colored accent in a shoe or vice versa. Got a leopard coat? Maybe wear the accent in a brightly colored sweater.

Stylist Tip #4 - Some consider leopard a neutral, although it can mix with other patterns quite well, if you are are not a master of mixing, proceed with caution.


One of the overriding themes I see here is volume and frankly it scares me. Anybody experience trying on an old coat from the ‘80s and feeling like, “how did I ever wear this, it looks 3 sizes too big?” And the problem here is with all that volume one could look like they have put on 10 lbs without having the pleasure of indulging in that brownie a la mode.

The good news is that I think that there are new ways to wear some of it. So if you choose that big shouldered top, I am happy to say that currently the baggy pleated pants you may have worn with it are not trending now.

Stylist Tip #5 - Wear skinny bottoms back to the big shouldered top for better proportion.

Do Neons scare you? Is this is where you are saying “I am too old and it is too bold.?’ Let me suggest some more manageable ways to wear it.

Stylist Tip #6a -Wear it as a fun accessory like in a small leather good, even a coin purse or phone case.

Stylist Tip #6b -Perhaps it is an accent color in a print.

Stylist Tip #6c - Wear it as an underpinning to your outfit: peaking out at the neck, cuffs or hem of a jacket or sweater.

Stylist Tip #6d - Pair back to grey for a more sophisticated and toned down look.

Stylist Tip #6e - And finally, probably the easiest way to wear neon is in your workout wear. That energetic color may even energize you.

Not ready for fall yet? Let me help you with that.