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A Wardrobe Consulting, Styling and Personal Shopping service catering to women in  the New York City area. We are the fashion solution, to save you time and empower you to feel confident in your style. We specialize in petites.

The Treasure Hunt


The Treasure Hunt

Diane Pollack

It was my birthday July 2nd....

Every year on my birthday I receive a card in the mail from Banana Republic, to be used for $15 off my purchase. Now we all know that stores intend for us to spend more money and it usually benefits them to give us that little bit of money to start us off.

Generally, I am not a BR shopper, but this certificate gives me the incentive to play a little game; you see, I love a bargain! I challenge myself, to find a great item in the store, something that I LIKE that is closest to the $15 mark, so I will have to put very little money toward it and it is essentially a freebie :)

Now that is a birthday gift!

I am fortunate that every year my birthday coincides with the July 4th holiday.  July 4th, is the retail indicator of the summer clearance cycle.

So often I am able to get a sale item with a, take this % off the sale item and use my coupon, to achieve a really great deal.

Check out some past birthday deals I have gotten at BR for only a few dollars.

So all of this is leading up to a few key points.

July 4th starts summer clearance. This is great for getting deals on summer items that you can wear now. And if you play a game of chance, the items may be reduced even further. But as it starts to getting farther into July and August, these items get picked through, there is less merchandise and harder to find your size.

Style does not need to be expensive. I often get compliments from people I know and strangers on the street on my clothing and outfits. Some of these items were real bargains. It is not about the price, but the eye for finding items that look expensive. It is also really important how you style them.

So this little treasure hunt is my idea of fun. But I get that it might not be your idea of fun. You don't have time or you are simply not interested. Well no matter what time of year, I love to get my clients a deal!

So set up a consult with me for my premium package SHOPPING MADE EASY


Check out my virtual shopping program at the bottom of the Intro packages page on my website.

I would be thrilled to do a treasure hunt for you - to find the items you need to create a fabulous wardrobe, all based on your style and price point. CONTACT me today!