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A Wardrobe Consulting, Styling and Personal Shopping service catering to women in  the New York City area. We are the fashion solution, to save you time and empower you to feel confident in your style. We specialize in petites.

What suit, suits you?


What suit, suits you?

Diane Pollack

Do you hate bathing suit shopping? Bathing suit shopping is not fun for many women. Most of us have our body image issues and as we age they may become worse. I wish I had the magic fix, sorry I don't.

But what I can do is help give you some advice on the most flattering suits for your figure.

First things, first. Do no freak out over the sizing! Go in knowing that for some unknown and crazy reason, you will probably be wearing a bathing suit that is 2 sizes larger than your clothing size.

It is not you, I promise. Deep breath.....

Ok so here are the tips.

Legs - although suits don't cover your legs there are a few shapes that can help flatter them.

  • High cut legs will elongate them
  • Boy-cut shorts can truncate the length of your leg
  • Skirted suits can look matronly or retro depending. If you do choose one, be careful of where the skirt hits. Don't let it hit the biggest part of your thighs.


  • Wear one piece suits (I know you knew that)
  • Shirred and gathered fabrics will help camouflage
  • Ruffles that cascade over the stomach area also can do the trick

Overall make your body look smaller
These tips will trick the eye into making the overall area look smaller.

  • Color blocking
  • Vertical stripes
  •  Cut-outs

Due to the cut-outs and/or color blocking, all of the suits listed above should be flattering for minimizing overall torso are. You may click them to find out more info, or shop for similar looking styles.




Small chest - You can wear many tops styles because you are not so concerned with the support. Here are some suggestions to make them look a little larger.

  • Molded cups
  • Push-up versions
  • Ruffles or other excess fabric

Large chests - Unlike a bra, you actually have more leeway to choose if you would like the top to cover your whole chest or reveal a little cleavage. If you choose to be a little sexier, cleavage in the front is best, side boob can just look like you are too big for the top. And please don't hang out of your suit too much, you don't want any suit mishaps.

If you are looking to minimize you can keep these tips in mind.

  • Keep eye-catching details away from the top
  • No ruffles or extra bulk fabric
  • Color blocks will make area appear smaller
  • Wear darker color tops
  • Molded cups and underwire have more support.

Still feeling a little bit conscious?
Buy a cute sarong, caftan or other cover-ups. Please, no ugly gym shorts if you are at a pool party, beach or resort.

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