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A Wardrobe Consulting, Styling and Personal Shopping service catering to women in  the New York City area. We are the fashion solution, to save you time and empower you to feel confident in your style. We specialize in petites.

Want to Feel Organized for the New Year?


Want to Feel Organized for the New Year?

Diane Pollack

De-clutter yourself for the New Year!

Since I had no major plans for the holidays & my family is local, I decided it would be a nice quiet time to catch up and organize paper files, storage in cabinets and various other items that I had accumulated and hadn't looked through in a while.

As I was getting dressed one day, the zipper on my boots broke. These were awesome boots. Despite their awesomeness, I marveled at how long I had had them and perhaps it wasn't worth replacing the zipper -  it was time to say goodbye.

Now although it is my business to help people get rid of clothing that does not serve them, I will admit that there are items that I am sometimes on the fence about.


What I usually do is take them for a test run on a day that I know I am not seeing anybody.

If at the end of the day, I felt fine - then it goes.
If at the end of the day, it still feels fabulous - then it stays.

Sometimes it is about wearing the older item with an updated accessory, Then it can become fabulous and then it stays.

Another trick I use in deciding if the item should stay or go is to picture if I could see it hanging currently in a store that I like the clothing in and feel that the clothing is my style. This can not be a department store that carries many styles of clothing, it must be a boutique store with a specific style of clothing. (It can be one brand or many brands, if the many brands fit the same type of customer.) If I don't see the item currently hanging in the store - then it goes.

So, back to the cleaning and de-cluttering. What had started out as a mission to de-clutter papers, books and shelves, because of the broken boots, inspired me to look deeper into my closet. Now I will say as this is my business, that I do a great job of getting rid of things on a regular basis. But this inspired me to look deeper. It is easier to decide if you like a sweater or pants, but I delved into my tank drawer, sleepwear and scarves to uncover items that were no longer fabulous.

As I often hear from my clients, I felt inspired, organized and de-cluttered. What a great way to start the new year! Wow the benefits of a closet (desk & shelf) rejuvenation!

I encourage you all to de-clutter and organize your life for 2016. 

Where to donate?

Career clothing - The Bottomless Closet - donations help underprivileged women dress for job interviews

Other clothing - The Fashion foundation - Non-profit, helps buy school supplies for children

What about items that are stained, soiled or just unwearable?
Did you know that you can donate to H&M or Uniglo for recycling?