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A Wardrobe Consulting, Styling and Personal Shopping service catering to women in  the New York City area. We are the fashion solution, to save you time and empower you to feel confident in your style. We specialize in petites.


It's Wedding Season!

Diane Pollack

Have you been invited to a wedding this summer and haven't figured out what you are going to wear? Are you confused by the description of the dress code and not sure what is appropriate?

Let's start with the locations of the wedding? Years ago, I went to a daytime wedding in Atlanta and stood out as THE New Yorker in a black cocktail dress. The other guests were wearing less dressy, pastel, bright colored or printed dresses.

What about a beach wedding? Chiffon (a sheer drapey fabric) is always a good beach option. For footwear, stilettos will not do well in the sand; choose wedges or flat sandals depending on the casualness of the wedding.

Now let's talk about the dress code that might be mentioned on the invite. I have heard women being confused by the term "black-tie optional". Black-tie on it's own, generally means a long dress, unless your short dress has lots of bling. Good news for "black-tie optional", it just gives you more options of appropriate attire. So now your dress can be long or short. If it is a short, you want to dress it up with accessories. You can use heels, bags and jewelry that you would wear with a black-tie dress.

How about for those more creative dress codes such as "festive" or "smart, sexy, spectacular" as I instructed my confused guests to wear. Good news here too, this means thatthe range of appropriate is even more expansive and you will find people dressed on a wider range of the spectrum. Here you can go out of the traditional range with perhaps a jumpsuit, dress it up with those same black-tie accessories. Or think about what you might wear to New Year's Eve - a little bling does wonders.

Remember as long as you are in the range of appropriate, stop worrying and have fun with it!


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